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The Ansible Avalanche Collection provides Ansible roles, playbooks and modules to manage Avalanche nodes, Subnets, blockchains and more!

What is Ansible? And why do we use it?

Ansible is an open-source IT automation tool developed by RedHat. It has become the de facto tool used to automate systems configuration, software deployment and zero downtime rolling updates. This makes it the perfect tool to operate large-scale Avalanche node clusters.

The Ash team has years of experience operating large-scale distributed systems with Ansible.

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Why an Ansible collection for Avalanche?

Ava Labs provides avalanche-network-runner to easily run a local test network (either locally or in Kubernetes).

This collection takes a different approach and provides tools for production environments. Those can also be used to bootstrap realistic test networks.

It aims at:

  • Provisioning Avalanche nodes on Fuji or Mainnet with flawless upgrade capabilities. Ansible also brings easy node configuration persistence and idempotent deployments.
  • Bootstrapping local test networks that really mimic production environments
  • Automating Subnet and blockchain operations (subnet whitelisting, plugin deployment) for node operators
  • And more

Getting started

Follow the tutorials to get started!

Collection resources