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Professional Services

Our team expertise

Why you can trust our team:

Distributed systems architecture

Gauthier and Léo, our technical founders, have years of experience operating France's biggest data clusters based on open-source technologies.
They have deep knowledge of distributed systems architecture challenges and are experts in setting up highly available and scalable infrastructures.

Avalanche knowledge

Open-source contributions

Our team maintains multiple open-source tools tailored for Avalanche and is actively contributing to other projects in the Avalanche ecosystem.

See examples of the team contributions:

Node operating

Ash is operating multiple Avalanche nodes (on the mainnet and Fuji testnet), and taking part in decentralized RPC networks such as Lava.


Gauthier has been a distributed systems teacher at some of the top French engineering schools (CentraleSupélec, ECE Paris, DSTI) for more than 3 years.

How we can help you

Our team can offer you the following services:

Avalanche nodes setup and maintenance

Ash open-source tools and premium Console plans can significantly reduce the setup and maintenance cost of your Avalanche nodes.

Our team can help you with the initial setup and provide you with a maintenance plan tailored to your needs.

Additional features for the Ash tools

As the maintainers of the Ash open-source tools and Console, we can develop additional features for any need that is not already covered. This could be:

  • Better support for your cloud provider
  • Support for a new blockchain runtime (VM)
  • Integration with your monitoring system
  • Etc.

Subnet (Appchain) design and development

Avalanche Subnets allow any project to create its dedicated blockchain (or "Appchain") with their own set of rules and validators. Subnets can run custom software while benefiting from the Avalanche consensus layer.

Our team can help you take the best decisions regarding your Subnet design and follow you through the development process, from devnet to mainnet.

Private blockchain network design and setup

The flexibility of Avalanche makes it the perfect tool to set up private blockchain networks with your partners. Each use case can be run on its own Subnet, with its own set of rules and runtime.

Our team can help you design and setup your private blockchain network, and train your team to operate it.

Training and education

We can organize training sessions for your team to get them up to speed with Avalanche and its ecosystem.

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