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Custom Configuration

The Ash CLI relies on YAML configuration files that contains the list of known Avalanche networks. This is very convenient to quickly switch between environments and to share configurations with other developers.


See Installation for the Ash CLI installation instructions on your platform.

Configuration file layout

For each network, at least the P-Chain configuration has to be provided (in the Primary Network) with its ID and RPC endpoint. All the other Subnets/blockchains will be retrieved/enriched from the P-Chain.

- name: my-network
- id: 11111111111111111111111111111111LpoYY
subnetType: PrimaryNetwork
- id: 11111111111111111111111111111111LpoYY
name: P-Chain
vmType: PlatformVM
rpcUrl: http://validator01.ash.local:9650/ext/bc/P

A single configuration file can contain multiple networks.

Initialize and use a custom configuration file

The CLI comes with a convenient command to initialize a configuration file with the default networks:

ash conf init --config ~/.config/ash/my-custom-config.yml

The generated file contains the default list of networks. You can then edit it to add your own networks.

Once the configuration file is ready, you can use it with the --config argument or with the ASH_CONFIG environment variable:

ash avalanche subnet list --config ~/.config/ash/my-custom-config.yml --network my-network