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The Ash CLI is written in Rust and can therefore be installed on any platform supported by Rust.


The CLI is installed and pre-configured on the Avalanche nodes by default when using the Ansible Avalanche Collection!

Rust native method: cargo install


The installation can take a few minutes as it will compile the CLI and all its dependencies.

Prior to installing the CLI, you need to install Rust on your machine. Follow the official installation instructions to install Rust.

cargo install ash_cli

This will make the ash command available in your terminal.

ash help

Fastest method: binary release download

The binary releases are available on the GitHub releases page.

Download the latest release (e.g. v0.4.0) and make it executable:

export ASH_VERSION=v0.4.0
# Can be 'linux' or 'macos'
export OS=linux
# Can be 'amd64' or 'arm64'
export ARCH=amd64
# Download the binary archive
curl -sSfL "${ASH_VERSION}/ash-${OS}-${ARCH}-${ASH_VERSION}.tar.gz" -o "ash-${OS}-${ARCH}-${ASH_VERSION}.tar.gz"
# Verify binary checksum
curl -sSfL "${ASH_VERSION}/ash-${OS}-${ARCH}-${ASH_VERSION}.tar.gz.sha512" | sha512sum -c
# Extract the binary
tar -xzf "ash-${OS}-${ARCH}-${ASH_VERSION}.tar.gz"
# Make the binary executable
chmod +x ash

You are now ready to use the Ash CLI!

./ash help

On MacOS, you will probably need to allow the binary to run in your security settings.