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Ash Console Features


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Validator management​

Manage validator nodes seamlessly with the Ash Console. Edit configuration keys, install, upgrade, or restart AvalancheGo, etc.

Subnets management​

Manage Subnets and blockchains.


Ash supports running Avalanche validator nodes in a private devnet network, on the Fuji testnet, or on the mainnet (only for paid plans).


Get a comprehensive view of your validators with our prebuilt dashboards presenting a complete suite of metrics (AvalancheGo metrics, machine metrics, Subnet centric metrics).


Receive custom alerts in real time and never miss an important event going on in your Subnet.


Get first class support from our expert team.

Automatic upgrade​

Ash will make sure your validators are always up to date with the latest release of AvalancheGo.


Launch a fully configurable Faucet plugged on your Subnet for easy testing and user on-boarding.

Block explorer​

Analyze blocks, transactions, addresses and more with your very own Blockscout instance to get full grasp of what’s going on in your Subnet.

Load balanced RPC​

Never worry about your Subnet availability again with our automatic load balancer. Choose the nodes that should serve the request and your Subnet RPC is ready to go.

Multi-cloud deployments​

Our service is infrastructure agnostic, use bare metal machines or BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud).

Subnet benchmarking​

Stress test your Subnet with our customizable on-demand Subnet benchmarking tool.


Most of the features powering the Ash Console are open-source as part of the Ash toolkit.